Thursday, February 04, 2016

Kemeja kerja berhabuk

"Abang gemuklah dalam dua tiga bulan lepas kahwin. Lepas tu kuruslah balik. Nanti orang cakap syg pandai jaga laki."

And so I agreed. As planned.

It was the biggest mistake. Ever!


In terms of food and diet, I think I'm all right. We don't really eat outside. Take-aways and comfort foods are a rarity. 

The main culprit, as I see it, is my sedentary lifestyle.

I have skipped, almost unintentionally, most of my meals during the day and eat them during dinner time. If I'm on-call, I'll wait until the shift is over and then eat.

After that I will fall asleep. Straight.

Plus, I'm not as active as before. Running around the house for awhile with Mikhail doesn't really count, I guess.

And thus it was, over 3 years of happy and blissful life (and counting InshaAllah), I have successfully accrued 20kg of weight in excess. 


This has to be addressed. 

For that I have devised a cunning plan to shed this muffin belly of mine and, hopefully, will restore the glory days of 'Kemeja kerja saiz S - Slim fit', eventually.

Wish me luck !